Good morning Mumbai IMPREINT.jpg

Good Morning Mumbai. I am very delighted and honored to announce Rafiasfashiondiary’s collaboration with IMPREINT, an artist who created paintings that showcase one of the best creations of God – Humans in the form of balloons.

 I decided to portray IMPREINT’s art at two of my favorite iconic structures in Mumbai – The Gateway of India and the Asiatic Library, both located in the South Mumbai.

Taken at the iconic Gateway of India, here is my Potriat!

  Good morning Mumbai IMPREINT3.jpg

In 2012, while working on painting a collection of 1,000 balloons, IMPREINT saw the painted balloons as people – each one different and imperfect, yet beautiful.

 Inspired by his balloon collection, he created the project “Portraits” to visualize the human element behind his art and share the social message of Individuality. 

Here is a picture of one of his paintings:

 IMPREINT Balloon 107 of 1000

 Interview with IMPREINT

Tell us something about IMPREINT?
IMPREINT is the way that I use to express my artistic side. Is the freedom of my thinking and my actions that I share with the others in an unselfish way.
What is your definition of Art?
All that gives you an emotion.
What was your inspiration for Portraits?
I was painting 1000 balloons and I started to look at them as people, all so beautiful in their imperfections. As a natural consequence so I decided to run ‘Portraits’. 
 Would you like to share something about your upcoming projects?
I’ve learnt to close circles before do proclamations, so at the moment I’m focused on finishing Portraits on the 15 December.

Here are my portraits taken at the picturesque Asiatic Library. 

Good morning Mumbai IMPREINT1.jpg

 Good morning Mumbai IMPREINT2.jpg


Jacket: Vero Moda

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Drop Dead Gorgeous

 Photography: SYK Photography


To know more about IMPREINT:

Visit their website:

Like their facebook page:

A picture is a worth a thousand words” – IMPREINT


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